SubCulture: The Webstrips 2

SubCulture: The Webstrips, Volume 2 – Die Harder

by Kevin Freeman & Stan Yan

SubCulture: The Webstrips Volume 2, Die Harder

96 pages / 9″ x 6″ / color cover with b&w interiors

Introduction by Jeff Schuetze

This handsome volume collects strips 94-186 from this site, originally posted from December 2008 to October 2009. Gasp as nerds talk about sex via gamer-speak. Go to Babs’ cosplay party and meet her cute roommate, Miyoko! Loaded with guest strips by Jim Mahfood, Danielle Corsetto, Matt Kindt, and many more! Introduction by Jeff Schuetze (JEFBOT)! MATURE READERS!  $10 US

or purchase from Amazon

View sample pages via the webstrip starting here


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